TAD 2011

Technology x Art x Design conference 2011
The Tech x Art x Design conference was held in 2011 at Moto Rissei Shougakkou, Kyoto, which was a cultural building of old elementary school.

The conference had 3 hosts (Itaru Kuramoto, Keiko Izumi, and Ichi Kanaya), 9 speakers, 2 performers (violine and Indian flute), 1 short film, and about 30 participants. Please check out the online program for further detail.

We built up projector screen by using a sheet, rope, and a couple of pinches.

We ran 3 sessions which were named "Tech x Art", "Art x Design", and "Design x Tech".

As we intended, the participants were all in good mood and relaxed while getting stimulated. (I didn't have any experience of TED/TEDx events at that time but I can say it was surely TED-like experience now.)

... and this was the beginning.

Technology x Art x Design and TEDxKyoto 2012

A part of Tech x Art x Design team has been merged in the whole new event named TEDxKyoto in 2012. Please check out TEDxKyoto 2012!

Technology x Art x Design blog started in 2013

In the spirit of Tech x Art x Design, we started a blog named tech-art-design.com for introducing state-of-the-art researches and start-up products in the fields of tech, art, and design. Please visit our blog.